Design Review Guidelines & Manuals

•    City of Taylors Falls, Angel Hill Heritage Preservation District Design Manual, 2021

•    City of Little Falls Downtown Design Guidelines Update, 2018

​•    City of New Ulm Downtown Design Guidelines Update, 2018

•    City of Mankato's North Front Street Commercial District Design Guidelines, 2016

•    City of Excelsior Design Manual, 2015

•    City of Carver Design Guidelines for Residential Properties, 2014
•    City of Waseca Downtown Preservation Design Guidelines, 2014
•    City of Afton’s Old Village Preservation Design Guidelines, commercial and residential, 2013
•    City of Lanesboro Downtown Preservation Commercial Design Guidelines, 2012
•    City of Litchfield Commercial Historic District Design Guidelines, 2010 

•    Illustrated Design Guidelines for Small Cities in Minnesota (DRAFT), 2010
•    City of Carver Downtown Preservation Commercial Design Guidelines, 2009 
•    Cities of Wahpeton ND and Breckenridge MN Downtown Design Guidelines, 2008
•    City of St. Cloud Residential Historic District Preservation Design Manual, including ordinance work, 2005-06
•    City of New Ulm Downtown Design Guidelines, 2005
•    City of Northfield Downtown Preservation Design Guidelines, 2004

•    City of St. Cloud Downtown Preservation Design Manual, 2003
•    City of Chatfield Downtown Design Guidelines, 2002
•    City of Lake City Downtown Design Manual, including preservation ordinance work, 1999
•    City of Shakopee Downtown Design Guidelines, 1999
•    City of Little Falls Downtown Design Guidelines, 1998
•    City of Faribault Downtown Historic Design Review Guidelines, 1993

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